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We are very proud to be working with some of the world's leading organisations, get in touch to find out how we help our partners connect with key thoughtleaders and purchasers across the world. 



In todays pressured business environment every senior executive is faced with specific critical business challenges

At MeetTheBoss TV we help the world’s leading business executives overcome their specific business challenges and impart them with the knowledge they need to gain competitive advantage by joining our virtual roundtables.

We are proud to be the destination of choice for C-level executives seeking to improve their businesses and find innovative solution providers via our TV roundtables. Our clients include; Google, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Adobe, NASA, Coca-Cola, Capgemini, SAP, Babobank, Citigroup, Euronext, GE, Time Inc, Lamborghini, Oracle, Adidas, Symantec, BT, IKEA, Dreamworks, Siemens Corporation, Virgin, PwC, Deutsche Telekom, LEGO, General Motors, IBM, Europcar, Accenture, Vodafone, Tesla Motors, Zurich, Brightcove, Rolls Royce and Facebook.

MeetTheBoss TV is part of the prestigious GDS International Group.


Insight from Your Peers. In the Comfort of Your Office
Time is the most valuable resource in business. At MeetTheBoss TV, we enable conversations between the world’s leading executives and help them overcome their major business challenges – in just 90 minutes. Our virtual roundtables bring B2B purchaser and provider communities together to discuss mutual pain points in a closed-door setting, providing both sides with the knowledge they need to gain a competitive advantage.


Our Heritage
In the last five years, MeetTheBoss TV has partnered with over 20,000 senior executives from the Fortune 2000, to understand their business challenges and connect them with the appropriate solution provider. Simply put, we are considered a trusted advisor by your target audience. We know their requirements – and can help you to reach them.


Challenges We Solve
Senior executives are harder to engage than ever before: more channels mean more filters. Added to this is the fact that your prospects are drowning in unsolicited sales approaches and most companies are challenged to stand out from the competition.

The result? Too much time and money is wasted on pursuing and engaging the wrong targets. Sales touch points are often not of the requisite quality or level. And your key messaging fails to hit the right people to accelerate leads through the pipeline to completion.


How We Deliver Value
MeetTheBoss TV is, in essence, a demand generation engine. We know how hard it is to reach and engage the right prospects, which is why all our efforts are geared towards filling your sales pipeline with highly qualified sales opportunities with budget-holding decision-makers; in fact, we guarantee it.

Our roundtables provide the perfect environment for you to move prospects from awareness to consideration to action. Attendees come to our roundtables to solve their critical business challenges; they are there to learn from peers at different stages of implementation, and understand more about the solutions available to them.

We position you as a trusted partner able to offer genuine thought leadership in your chosen area of expertise, making our roundtables the perfect place to build valuable long-term relationships. Our highly structured qualification process ensures that every attendee is a genuine sales prospect with a need for your solution. We provide you with an intelligence report on each one detailing their key challenges. And our post-roundtable follow-up process puts you back in touch with interested parties on a one-to-one basis so that you can discuss their specific needs in greater detail.


We do all the groundwork, scheduling and research; you bring the expertise.

• Reduce the risk, uncertainty and complexity of the sales development process
• Get a detailed single view of your potential customers
• Build trust and loyalty amongst the end-user community
• Deepen the conversation around your product or service
• Reduce the cost of generating demand
• Improve your marketing ROI